Thank You Santa!

Dress - Sparkle & Fade
Blazer - Topshop
Glitter boots - Schuh
Trilby hat - Primark

I hope you all had a lovely christmas and got some fabulous presents! A very style conscious Santa gave me glitter boots and a trilby hat as you can see in my picture. You may notice a new look to my outfit post, which was created by a roll of paper for my backdrop and a little bit of Photoshop! I am also thinking of investing in some good lighting and get back into photography - putting my degree back into use! 

Do you have any New Year resolutions? What are your plans?

Love from Lou Lou


Christmas Eve Outfit

Dress - Topshop
Shirt - Oasis
Shoes - Barretts
Tights - Primark

Merry Christmas everyone! These pictures were taken on my iPhone at The National Museum in Edinburgh where I went with my family today. Got to rush off to work but first I have to tell you about my outfit! We're all dressing up at Topshop today and heading off for drinks afterwards so I thought this was the perfect christmas outfit with the red colour and a bit of sparkle! I am loving this embellished sheer shirt right now as it goes well under lots of my jumpers and dresses. Also, if you are heading to Primark sometime soon, I recommend their "super cosy tights" which are really thick but don't really look too thick!

Hope you all have a wonderful christmas,

Love from Lou Lou

Day as a Stylist's Assistant

Photography by Jane Barlow, Make-up by Ebony Smith, Styling by
Lynne McCrossan, Emma Prior, Oliver Hay and Louise Arnot.

Last week I got my first experience of assisting a stylist, which was just as fun as I imagined! The shoot was for Edinburgh Evening News and I was helping the wonderful stylist Lynne McCrossan. She had two other assistants, who had helped out before, so I learnt what to do from them. 

The day began by us all picking up bags of clothes and accessories from various stores and we then took them to the location which was the gorgeous Le Monde bar on George Street. There I met the rest of the team and started putting together six outfits as quickly as possible while the model got her make-up done. All items the model wore had to be written down with the price and store so that everything was printed in the newspaper correctly. The shoot was a great creative collaboration with everyone coming up with ideas for how the model should look. Every tiny detail counts, from how she should hold her coat to the position of her foot! 

The concept of the shoot was "day to night looks" where the model wore one key piece that was accessorized for working at the office, then transformed by   a pair of heels, jewelry and some sparkle! Lynne selected some beautiful pieces including a stunning mirrored feather dress by Jenny Packham which is worth £2699 so I was obviously VERY careful handling that!

At the end of the shoot we packed the garments back into the bags and returned them to the stores. I was really excited to see the result of the shoot which was published just a few days later. It was also nice to  see my name in the credits! I hope to work with Lynne again and follow her footsteps in the fashion industry. She has also written a fantastic book which features the best vintage shops in Britain: A Girl's Guide To Vintage. Make sure you add it to your Christmas list! 

Love from Lou Lou


Masquerade Outfit

Mask - LuvYaBabes (Manchester)
Wig - Ebay (seller: Uptrending)
Necklace and boots - Topshop 
Dress - Rare

On Sunday night I went on my christmas work night out which was a masquerade! I had always wanted to attend a masquerade party, so I had a lot of fun choosing my mask and even went as far as buying a wig. I chose one that is a similar style to my own haircut and I thought a deep red colour would compliment the blue shade of my mask. A lot of my workmates thought it was my real hair that I had dyed! When I told them it wasn't, they all said I should go red! What do you think? My favourite part of the outfit is my new statement necklace which I think pulled the look together.

What outfit do you have planned for your christmas party this year?

Love from Lou Lou


Sweater Girls

Recently I bought myself a peach coloured angora jumper (or 'sweater' as the americans call it) and it made me like winter a smidgen more! There's nothing like wearing a super soft and cozy jumper while sitting beside your fireplace, watching tv. To make myself even warmer I added my new Topshop fur stole. I like how Alexa Chung (below) has styled her angora jumper by wearing a polka dot shirt underneath. I think it looks best with jeans, however you can also wear it tucked into a high-waisted skirt. Plus you could wear a pointy bra underneath your jumper like the sweater girls did in the fifties ;)

Have you got a favourite jumper? How many have you bought this winter?

Love from Lou Lou


My Party Dress

Sheer dress - Rare
Feather necklace - River Island
Tights and boots - Topshop

Here I am trying to hide my drunkenness for an outfit picture at my friend's cocktail party in Glasgow. As you can see, my style changes when I'm dressing up for a night out. I often like to wear a black dress which has something different about it. I most certainly can't do plain! Then I add the extra bits such as a statement necklace and a pretty pair of tights. Tomorrow night I will be wearing this dress for the second time at my Topshop christmas masquerade party. I'll wear it with my gorgeous dark blue mask, a red bobbed wig and a gold necklace which is very fancy, like costume jewelry. I love dressing up! My motto is that it's better to be over-dressed than under-dressed. But keep it classy and not trashy!

Love from Lou Lou